PTS and the Myth of the Ticking Vet

Over at Mission: VALOR, a plea to go read some good and wise words from two men who can speak from experience about PTS.  Also, so further words about the Myth of the Ticking Vet, and the incredible harm it does to our veterans and veteran employment.  I need to do a longer piece, but this will do for now.

Care To Help?

Okay, I admit I could use some help, and anything put into is appreciated.  If you want to do something more tangible, spring has sprung and I could use Generic Zyrtek antihistamine, some Vitamin D-3, and more of my multivitamin supplement. Heck, buy me a bar of soap as it won’t hurt anything. *G*  It all helps, and if easier my wish list is here.

Meantime, where some help is also needed is at Mission: VALOR.  Just filing the 501(c)(3) application comes with roughly $1,200 in direct fees, and about $300 more in other costs.  So, you can donate through Square to help defray those costs; or, you can make donations in $10 increments through this link.  Want to do more than $10?  Just tell it you want 2, 3, or how many you want.  :)

Into The Light: “Wild Bill” Guarnere

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Word comes this morning that “Wild Bill” Guarnere of the 101st/Band of Brothers fame has passed into the light.  May the light shine down on those he leaves behind, and may we not mourn his passing; rather, may we give thanks for him and all those like him who stood and served when they very easily could not (you do know he had a draft-exempt job and joined anyway, right?).  Godspeed and”Currahee” to you.

Some Thoughts On Sexuality

I write this for some young adults in my life.  While written for the young ladies, there is food for thought for all sexes and orientations.  

Life is not fair, nor is everyone equal in almost any sense of the term.  This is particularly true when it comes to sex and sexuality.  You have reached a point where you are sexually mature physically. In the past, this also meant you were an adult, though that is not the case today.  Even with changes in philosophy and thought, exploring your sexuality is fraught with peril.  Aside from pregnancy and disease, there are social ramifications that will have severe and profound ramifications.

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Mission: VALOR Fundraising

While Mission: VALOR is already working to do some good, much more can done once we formally incorporate and file for 501(c)(3) status.  To do that requires funds, so I’m trying to raise at least $1,200 to incorporate, and $2,000 to file for 501.  You can donate via the tip jars at the top of the right column; you can go here for GoFundMe if you don’t want to click in the upper right; and, if you want to use PayPal you will have to click the second best option in the upper right.  This is going to be sticky for now, so the faster we raise funds the sooner this is no longer sticky…

On Why I’m Not A Social Con

Because I am a believer in a strong national defense, and support the idea of limited government and financial prudence, there are many who automatically assume that I am also a social conservative and gleefully apply the full brush of tar and label me a “Rethuglican” and nasty wingnut conservative.  I would point out to them what happens when you “assume” something, as you tend to make an ass out of you (not so much out of me).  That this unnecessary polarization comes from deliberate manipulation is a topic for another day…

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Spreading the Word


In Memory Bright

It has been a morning for interesting news.  Among several that remind me of the fragility of life, two in particular hit home.  One was a colleague from a job past, and one was Bryan Gibson, a talented artist, Veteran, and a friend of years past.  Bryan was a character, and had left fandom, or at least Southern Fandom, a while back.  His customers ranged from Disney on down, and some of his “no shit” stories were great — inspiring even.  What else can you say about someone who got a commendation for blowing up his own command post?

To him and the others who’s passing I learned of today, Godspeed.  To me, you all made the world a more interesting and richer place, and I thank you for that.

Free Ice Cream Shortage!

Well, lots to write about but most of my time has been on Mission: VALOR.  Things are moving along, rapidly, and that has left me little to no time for writing anything other than paperwork for the IRA, er, IRS and other government entities.  These days, that joke will probably get me audited and the charity application denied, but…

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Introducing Mission: VALOR

It is time to introduce you to the “secret” project on which I’ve been working so hard the last two months.  Actually, it has been in work since this summer, when I was approached by some people in New York about helping get a project related to veteran employment off the ground.  There was a lot of discussion, and more discussion, and finally I came to New York to see if it was viable.

It was.  In fact, things moved very quickly with the creation of an Executive Leadership Committee to assist with evaluation and to help make the determination if this was something that should be done.  The amount of support for the project has been simply amazing.  Veteran employment is a critical issue because veteran unemployment, particularly with younger troops/veterans, is at truly unacceptable levels.  This is only going to get worse with the draw down.
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