I am glad SGT Bergdahl is free.  I am far less than happy at HOW he was freed.  That we do not leave anyone behind is an article of faith and devotion for the rank and file, though I do wonder how seriously higher takes it…

Now, comes the hard part and what we must all demand of higher:  a fair, complete, and impartial investigation of all the circumstances that placed SGT Bergdahl into enemy hands.  Given the number of troops who died trying to find and recover him, the questions must be answered and justice done to the fullest possible extent.  Being freed is not a free pass, for a very high price has been paid and a long-standing tenet of diplomacy forfeited in the process.  I fear a very bad precedent has been set, and to whitewash to even the slightest degree will only make it worse.

Sadly, I have no faith and confidence that any of this will happen.  I would be unsurprised to see SGT Bergdahl hailed as a hero and given a ticker-tape parade.  I hope to be proven wrong, but will not bet on that happening.

UPDATE:  Another reason this smells.  Everyone is focusing on the first sentence, look at the second.  Hard.  That is the key, and the target on our troops just got larger IMO.

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  1. Agree on all counts – sadly….

  2. Being a contractor in hostile areas for years along with my wife we always vowed that if we were captured that we won’t allow our self’s to be used as pawns if captured. We both discussed this and had a safe word that signaled our good bye to each other. You have to make the sacrifice for the good of this great country. And by the way I have children in the military and I feel the same way about their faith if captured.

  3. George O'Har

    If the story in today’s NY Post is true, Mr. Bergdhal has a background similar to that of “whistleblower” Snowden: a drifter, searching for meaning, tumbling about, a man with a high sense of self and few actions to justify it. If it is true he was captured in the manner the Post claims, then he put himself in danger, deliberately, and against orders. Like everything else the Obama people do, the deeper you look into the matter, the more corrupt, immoral and questionable it seems. As Laughing Wolf says, this is starting to smell. The fact that Obama did this on his own, circumventing a law he disagrees with, is probably all we need to know.

  4. Agreed, and maybe wagging the dog to keep some of the smell away from a long rotting cancer at the VA! And Puff Up For The Media That Worships Him With his arm around Bowe.

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