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Repost: Chateau Breuil Calvados Distillery

As a way of saying “Welcome” to all the new traffic, here’s a video tour of Chateau Breuil calvados distillery in Normandy. We did have a couple of issues at the start with missed cues, but it is a good tour by an excellent guide. Their products are also excellent, and highly recommended. If, like me, some of the paint thinner sold many years ago in the U.S. as calvados is your only experience with it, you owe it to yourself to try real calvados from Chateau Breuil. It is very much worth the cost and effort. If you are going to Normandy, it is well worth the stop for the tour and the chance to get products not necessarily exported to the U.S.

A Nicer View of the Battle Mug

BatMugLRwThe Battle Mug got a nice workout this weekend before and during the Louisville game.  Many thanks to my friend Chris Brown for making this happen.

When You Are Out Of


F’s to give, you now have an option to get (and give) more.  🙂

Interview With A Battle Mug

The founder of Battle Mug

The founder of Battle Mug

Well, an interview with the founder of Battle Mug, along with an exceptional food find. Go check it out at Blackfive.