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It’s My Birthday

My birthday is this week, and at least a few kind souls have asked what I would like to get.  So, here you go.

First, I would love to get some volunteers, partners, and donations for Mission: VALOR.  As part of this, I would love not only new likes to the page, but for people to share our posts on Facebook.  In order to generate revenue, Facebook has throttled back almost 99 percent on those who see our posts, and the only way to get them out without paying huge sums of money (IMO) is for many (and many!) people to share them.  We can use volunteers for almost anything and everything, and even an hour a week (heck, a few minutes) can be a huge help to us.  As with any charity, we can use some donations too.  More than that, looking for partners to grow.

Second, if you want to do something for me, hit the PayPal link to the right, or you can call the Pipe Puffer Cigar Shop at 317-881-2957 and do a gift certificate for almost any amount small or large over the phone.  Anything along those lines would be very much appreciated.

Meantime, glad to make another trip around the great fusion furnace in the sky.


Original Art For Sale

SitD1In addition to the original artwork by Mark Maxwell and Mark E. Rogers (and other neat things) for sale, I’m also putting “A Shot in the Dark” up for sale.  It’s a standard size (2×3 foot?) canvas, and the painting is oil on acrylic via a 20 gauge shotgun.  Asking $500, all offers considered, shipping not included.

Is it commentary on violence in society, war, or more?  Is it an ironic twist on weapons?  It can be whatever you want it to be if you buy it, though I will note that it is in part a commentary on a modern art exhibition I attended a while back.  I will cheerfully sign the canvas before shipping if desired.


Artwork Sale & More

Have some original artwork and a bit more for sale, prices do NOT include delivery.  Artwork does not include reproduction rights, only the original painting.

MMasimovsThe Venus Experiment by Mark Maxwell, asking $500.  Will ship via FedEx Ground for $80.  Purchased from the artist.


Samurai Cat and ConEd the Barbarian by Mark E. Rogers, asking $300.  Will ship via FedEx Ground for $60.  Purchased from the artist at LA WorldCon.


Cavalry sabre that is history and a bit of a mystery, asking $200.  It has been used and abused, but found a good home when I got it (I think so anyway).


Antique bellows, asking $40.


Cut-glass punch bowl with cups, ladle is plastic.  Asking $40.


Two oil lamps, new, asking $10 each.


Artwork & Antiques For Sale

Delivery is NOT included, but selling some items to help fund my work and more.




LibertyCon 4 cover print, signed and personalized, asking $150






Original Samurai Cat artwork by Mark E. Rogers, asking $400


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Care To Help?

Okay, I admit I could use some help, and anything put into is appreciated.  If you want to do something more tangible, spring has sprung and I could use Generic Zyrtek antihistamine, some Vitamin D-3, and more of my multivitamin supplement. Heck, buy me a bar of soap as it won’t hurt anything. *G*  It all helps, and if easier my wish list is here.

Meantime, where some help is also needed is at Mission: VALOR.  Just filing the 501(c)(3) application comes with roughly $1,200 in direct fees, and about $300 more in other costs.  So, you can donate through Square to help defray those costs; or, you can make donations in $10 increments through this link.  Want to do more than $10?  Just tell it you want 2, 3, or how many you want.  :)

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