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A Visit To Chateau Breuil

I can’t begin to say enough good about my visit to Chateau du Breuil calvados distillery.  The discussion on calvados and such is up at Blackfive, but here I want to share a bit of the beauty of the place.

CB5The roof of what is now the storage building was made by shipwrights to resemble an upside-down ship — in the 17th century.

CB4There is, of course, more:


Some of the storage within the storage building



Some of the detail in the ceiling

CB10One of the buildings on site, a former factory in years past

CB9Some detail from the apple statue near the guest center

CB11A different view of the statue

CB12And another

CB13The moist climate is great for apples and dairy, but what it does to wood makes for great photographs



CB16and a final view of the magnificent roof of the storage facility.  While it is up at Blackfive, I also want to post the video of the virtual tour here as well.


A Visit with Elijah

photo of bourbon whiskeys at Heaven Hill distilleries

Some excellent libations

You can read about my visit to Heaven (Hill) and Elijah (Craig) at Blackfive:)