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Into The Light: “Wild Bill” Guarnere

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Word comes this morning that “Wild Bill” Guarnere of the 101st/Band of Brothers fame has passed into the light.  May the light shine down on those he leaves behind, and may we not mourn his passing; rather, may we give thanks for him and all those like him who stood and served when they very easily could not (you do know he had a draft-exempt job and joined anyway, right?).  Godspeed and”Currahee” to you.

Some Thoughts On Sexuality

I write this for some young adults in my life.  While written for the young ladies, there is food for thought for all sexes and orientations.  

Life is not fair, nor is everyone equal in almost any sense of the term.  This is particularly true when it comes to sex and sexuality.  You have reached a point where you are sexually mature physically. In the past, this also meant you were an adult, though that is not the case today.  Even with changes in philosophy and thought, exploring your sexuality is fraught with peril.  Aside from pregnancy and disease, there are social ramifications that will have severe and profound ramifications.

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To Champagne Or Not To Champagne

My latest post for PJmedia/lifestyle is up for your pleasure.  Sadly, yes, there are two typos.  I would spank my spellchecker, but I think it likes it…

2013: Some Thoughts

By almost any measure, 2013 would have to qualify as the worst year of my life.

I lost almost every material possession I had, including some things I had spent a lifetime collecting.  An incompetent not only screwed up my planned embed in Afghanistan — choosing to not only refuse to do what his CO wanted, but what the units involved wanted as well — and in the process cost me every bit of what I had invested in that embed.  A person I had literally been willing to trust with my life proved unworthy of that trust and to have a level of maturity as to shame a cherrystone clam.  Nor were they the only so-called friend in my life.  I found out where I stood with several people and groups/organizations with which I had been involved for years, and in some cases had even supported to my own detriment.  To say that things were desperate beyond measure more than once is massive understatement.  Against that backdrop, dealing with trolls and psychos barely rises to the level of mention.

Yet, for all I lost, the year 2013 was the year I found.  What I found turned a year that would make some suck-start a shotgun into something worth honoring if not celebrating.  I re-found myself.

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What Books Have Impacted You?

I was asked recently a question that threw me a bit:  What is your favorite book?  I have no idea how many thousands of books I’ve read, and no that is not hyperbole, it is in the thousands.  My parents taught me to read at a very early age, and shared with me their love of reading.

If I go with just one book, I would have to go with The Crystal Cave.  It opened new worlds to me, not just in terms of Arthurian legend but in terms of religion, history, and more.

However, I would have to say that there are several books that have shaped me, having read them by the time I was 15 (most by age 12).  They not only provided enjoyment, but also opened my eyes to new things, new possibilities, and that I was not alone with thoughts and interests.  Here’s a list:

The Crystal Cave
Battle Cry
Stranger in a Strange Land
Rendezvous with Rama
Holy Bible: King James Version
A Wrinkle in Time
My Side of the Mountain
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
The Young Winston Churchill
Guadalcanal Diary

While it did not have a profound impact on me in the way other books did, I also have laughed my rear end off at The Joyous Season from the first time I read it.   The Chronicles of Narnia introduced me to adult fantasy, and opened the door for Tolkien, Evangeline Walton, and more though I will admit Lloyd Alexander paved a small bit of that way.

Each of these books was read as literature, in addition to any other studies.   Each is here not necessarily as a favorite, but as a pathfinder book that opened new literary, historical, theological, and philosophical doorways.

So, what books shaped you?  Not necessarily your favorites, but the books that opened doors for you.

Not Dead Yet

Just incredibly busy!  It has been an amazing week here in NYC, and a lot is done.  If you get the newsletter, I will be sharing more this weekend.  Thing is, the week isn’t done yet.  Any help via the tip jar (upper right, the thing that says support…) would be very, very, VERY much appreciated.  I’m doing a lot of walking, but I do have to take buses and subway almost every day.

More soon, and more Amazon deals too.

Meantime, let your congresscritter know how you feel about the budget compromise that screws troops and veterans, and keep in mind that this administration has Top People working on Afghanistan.  That none of them could answer basic questions about budget, or how many of our troops are being killed and injured is disgusting.

This Holiday, Buy From Friends/Vets!

Even as I pimp my own work, I want to take the time to pimp out some friends and what they have to offer.

First up, Michael Z. Williamson who has been a good friend indeed.  Crazy, fun, and always up for an adventure.  Check out his books, t-shirts, knives, antiques, and more for sale.  Also check out his latest that includes a story with his Gail Sanders: Elementary (All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters)

Want an autographed book? Well here you go:

Next is Baldilocks, the beautiful Juliet Akinyi Ochieng.  Her book “Tale of the Tigers:  Love is not a Game” is well worth the read!

Adding in the wonderful Sarah Hoyt.  Not only does she write, she does her best to help other writers, and helped me redesign my cover for ADV2 to make it much more effective.  She’s also good a promoting the works of others, so now it is my turn to say “Buy Her Books.”

I’ll be adding more here soon, but for now…

Foto Finish Friday

A view towards the main lake

A view towards the main lake

Looks like it’s a “wee gra da” here with rain and more. Where would I rather be? To be honest, on a we gra da I’d rather be sitting on a porch in the mountains, looking down the cove, and enjoying the rain hitting the tin roof as I enjoy coffee and some breakfast.

So, what are your plans for the weekend or where would you rather be today?

Gothic Serpent: We Remember

Amidst the insanity of current politics, take some time today to remember Gothic Serpent.  Better known to the public as “Blackhawk Down” because of the movie.

I could write more, but why should I when Jonn at This Ain’t Hell writes so well about the event, and his friend who died there. 

Read, honor, and remember.  The battle they were in is part of the larger war we fight today.

A Birthday Treat


Yesterday was indeed my birthday, and over on Facebook I posted several wolf photos (and the fox photo above) that I am looking at doing for the gallery show.  Yes, there is going to be a gallery showing of my work, more on that soon.

Howl1ShowWebSo, more to come, but wanted to share these two photos with you today.