Laughing Wolf Almond Shortbread

Originally published 15 October 2004

Pastry or Cutting Board
Deep bowl
Backing sheet or baking stone
Oven, pre-heated to 300 degrees F

Good brand of pure almond extract
1 cup softened European-style butter
.5 to .9 cup confectioners sugar
2 cups all purpose flour
pinch kosher salt
1 egg yolk
1T heavy cream
sliced or slivered almonds, lightly toasted if you have the time

Put softened butter in bowl and gradually add confectioners sugar and cream with fork until fluffy. Add in almond extract to taste (1/8 t to 1 t), cream again. Gradually add in flour and salt until well blended. Then add in egg yolk and cream, and work until it forms a ball. Turn ball out onto lightly floured cutting board/pastry board and work into a rectangle .25- to .5-inches thick. Cut into rectangles (or cut rounds or whatever turns you on) and place on ungreased baking sheet about .5-inches apart. Bake until pale gold and firm to the touch. Use spatula to remove from sheet and allow to cool, if you can stand to keep your hands off of them.


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