Linda’s Cube Steak

Originally published 18 November 2004

Here is today’s entry, and next week’s entry may be the seared tilapia with tilapia cream sauce (and crowder peas; green bean & black-eyed pea mix; and roast garlic and cheddar mashed Yukon Gold potatoes) if it works out. For today, here is:

Linda’s Cube Steak


Cube steak
Cream of mushroom soup
Beef stock
Kosher salt
Oil and/or butter
Other spices as desired

To prepare, season some flour in a bag, place cube steaks in, and coat. Sear the cube steaks in the skillet with oil or an oil and butter mixture. Place cube steaks in crock pot, cover generously with cream of mushroom soup, beef stock, and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer all day. It will be flavorful and fork tender at the finish.

My thanks to my cousins for sharing the recipe with me, as it completely changed my view of cube steak. Growing up, let’s just say that cube steak was not my mother’s finest hour. Nor about anyone else’s I knew. This was good, and I am going to be rethinking my stand on cube steak as a result.

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