The Secret Project Is Revealed

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Everyone else will have to wait until tomorrow.

Allergies And Paleo: Short Take

Sorry for the lack of free ice cream, but life is interesting in some very good ways.  Meantime, a bit on allergies and paleo, and inflammatory response by the body.

I wanted to take a quick moment though to throw out a thought for a fuller discussion later.  The short version for now is that I was born allergic to almost everything.  It is easier to list what I wasn’t allergic to than what I was:  chocolate, meat, dairy, potatoes, human hair/skin, green vegetables.  Outside of that, I was allergic to some degree or another.  I won’t go into all the shots and such just yet.

Since going paleo, it is amazing how much better my residual allergies are and the decrease in inflammatory responses by my body.  Not just allergies, but all inflammatory responses (including joint pain).  Not only that, but I’ve managed — so far — to avoid a lot of bugs and cruds going around, or at least the worst aspects of them.  I’ve had what I suspect were a few minor infections/cruds, but very minor.  The data is anecdotal, but….

As I said, this deserves a fuller discussion but wanted to get this out now so I might have a better chance of remembering to do that one day soon.  Also, I will be posting more soon about some of what is going on.

A Good 10th Anniversary To You

Just saw where it is the 10th anniversary of The Jawa Report.  Jawa and those there are not “cyber vigilantes” as they break no laws; however, they do take it to the enemy online and have been instrumental in that fight and in efforts that have put a number of e-hadis, and traitors, in jail.  They fight the good fight on the electronic front too long ignored by government.  A good blog, a must read, with some good people.  If you aren’t checking it out, you should.

I Know, I Know

I’ve been promising more, but haven’t delivered the free ice cream.  Well, that’s because it seems almost every project has decided to take off at once.  This is a good thing, but it also means that my time and focus have been on them, and not on the free ice cream.  There is more to come, promise.

Note For The Record

I am no longer affiliated with Cooking with the Troops in any capacity, nor have I been since Sept. 2012.  I do not represent them, speak for them, or hold any fiduciary or other obligation or responsibility in regards them. Please direct all questions or comments about current activities, status, filings, etc. to them via

Updated Embed Wish List

I’m updating this post to include two new items.

First, I need a new set of ice cleats, as the rubber snapped on the old pair. ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats in Large would be a huge help!

Second, the recent cold snap brought to mind that something like this
could be very useful.

Now, the rest of the list:
Petzl E89 PD Tactikka XP Headlamp, Desert My old one disappeared and has not been found.
ContourROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder My current one suffered a mischief on the lens.
Contour 3900 Picatinny Mount Would really like two of these as they are more fragile than anticipated.
Streamlight 14512 Sidewinder Compact II Military Model Angle Head Flashlight, Headstrap and Helmet Mount Kit Need a good helmet light.

If you can help with these, it will be much appreciated! They are also listed on my Amazon Wish List to make it easy. If questions, drop me a line.

About Last Night

You know, it can be fun to make fun of New York City (esp. the politicians there), but that said:

Watching the Rangers, from the Guggenheim Suite

Watching the Rangers, from the Guggenheim Suite

What can you say about a place where everyone stood for the national anthem (and anyone slow got jerked up), sang and cheered during it, and raised the roof when the flag was shown in close-up on those huge monitors? What can you say about a place where the Guggenheim donated their suite at Madison Square Garden so Merrill Lynch/Bank of America could bring in a group of veterans who are part of a veterans job effort? What can you say about a place where the representative of a major art museum thanks each individual for their service, and talks about what an honor it is to be able to host them? Well, I don’t know about you but I will say what a number of natives say: “New York: Fuck Yeah!”

It was an amazing evening, met some very good people, and had some very interesting discussions.  The latter were both just fun talks (one gentleman had served in/near K-Town, another provided air services for SOCOM) and a bit of business.  The secret project got what I think was a huge boost, and I also finally got to meet someone in person that I’ve known “online” for a while now.  Great night, even if the Rangers did lose in overtime.

Plans for the Week

I really do need to post here about some of the cooking I’ve done recently.  Going to try to do that this week, but…

Meantime, working on making the embed happen; working on Operation Ernie; working on helping another charity with their work; and, the secret project has made great strides as we look towards a go/no-go decision on it soon.  Meantime, I’ve found myself invited to some unexpected high-level meetings out of town; some unanticipated expenses in that I need a new computer power supply and a printer/scanner (that’s not too expensive, but the ink!); and, other fun joys.  Anything helps, $1 or more.

If you can hit the tip jar there in the upper right, it would be very much appreciated.

Meantime, more soon.  Have an article to write for Army Week about the Cake Boss event; lots to do on the secret project; and, more work on Ernie and such.  Stay tuned.

Columbus GA: Some Things Don’t Seem To Change

The Thursday morning feel good story at TAH deals with a robbery attempt in Columbus, Georgia, that saw at least one life turned around.  It brought back some memories for me, and I decided to share.

Many moons ago, two of us ended up in an area of Columbus enjoying some of the finer cultural establishments of that historic city.  No, not the joints on Victory Drive, but some situated a little further away in distance though not spirit.  We had a good time, tried not to get separated from too much of our ready cash, and finally did decide to call it a night.  It was then that things got interesting.

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To Champagne Or Not To Champagne

My latest post for PJmedia/lifestyle is up for your pleasure.  Sadly, yes, there are two typos.  I would spank my spellchecker, but I think it likes it…