The Problem With LE In A Nutshell: Paul Allen Derrick and Leon Lott

This has started going viral, and needs to be shared.  First, an off duty deputy — Paul Allen Derrick — who is being reported as having been drinking/being drunk decided to arrest a young female soldier who also reportedly spurned an advance. Apparently, she was upset and some reports have her grieving, and this is what happened:

Thankfully, another soldier recorded at least part of the assault, and I use that term with intent and meaning, and that video caused Columbia Police to release her and arrest the allegedly/reportedly drunk deputy. From WISTV: – Columbia, South Carolina |

Richland County Deputy Sheriff Paul Allen Derrick has since been fired. – Columbia, South Carolina |

I was sadly unsurprised that Richland County (South Carolina) Sheriff Leon Lott rose to defend Deputy Paul Allen Derrick and to get his panties in a twist because the Columbia Police failed to respect him and his right to make such an arrest — in short, because they failed to aid and abet his assualt. Frankly, I don’t care if this is just a ploy to mitigate a law suit, I hold Sheriff Leon Lott to be as bit a piece of shit as Paul Allen Derrick. Derrick is a stain on the USMC in which he served, and has dishonored them and that service by his apparently unmitigated thuggery. He is unfit to wear any uniform, and my opinion is that Sheriff Leon Lott is as well.

Before you get too twisted, keep in mind the following: my father was a cop, and a good one, and I was trained as and served as a Security Police augmenter. I have a lot of respect for the many good members of law enforcement, who have a hard job and do as good a job as the law allows.

However, I have no respect for Law Enforcement as generally practiced at this time. I agree with the members of LE and the many lawyers (including those who have served as prosecutors) who STRONGLY advise against talking to law enforcement or prosecutors, and that if a talk must be held not only should a lawyer be present but should be the one to do any talking.

As long as the Blue Wall goes up no matter how egregious the actions (I’ve seen it go up to protect a paedofile and to harass/intimidate the child who dared turn him in); as long as things like Sheriff Leon Lott will find excuses for and defend actions that clearly are beyond the pale; then, I can have no respect for the institution as a whole much less the thugs who do these things.

If Law Enforcement wants to regain public respect and trust, it must MUST police its own. It must call things as they are, it must NOT assault and intimidate the victims of Law Enforcement abuse, and it must not make excuses for such. Otherwise, public trust and confidence will continue to plunge, and we will all be the worse for it.

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