Quick & Dirty Miso Soup

Originally published 18 February 2005

One of my favorite comfort foods is Miso soup. You can get very elaborate with it, or do this version for miso in a hurry.

Two large pots
Fine mesh strainer
Cutting Board

5 small packages dried bonito flakes (or one large)
1 container firm tofu
1 small to medium package light miso
Green onions

Put about a gallon of water in a large pot, and turn heat to high. Open package of tofu, and cut into .25- to .5-inch cubes. Throw in all the fish flakes to the hot liquid in the pot. When the flakes settle to the bottom of the liquid, pour through strainer into second pot. Return clear fish broth to heat, add in package of miso, and diced tofu. Let simmer for an hour or two (or even just for a few minutes). Fine chop green onions and add them to the mix. Serve hot. Enjoy!

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