Roast Lamb

Originally published 7 April 2005

I have been most remiss lately in posting for the Carnival of the Recipes. To make up for that, here is a tasty treat I just did on the new grill/smoker:

Aluminium foil
Cutting board
Smoke chips/blocks

Boneless leg of lamb
Olive oil
Truffle oil (optional)
Fresh rosemary
Fresh ground pepper

Start hardwood charcoal in the grill on one side. Put the leg of lamb out on the cutting board and trim as needed. Using the knife, make slits in the meat and insert peeled cloves of garlic into the meat. Coat the meet in olive and other oils as desired, sprinkle with pepper, and place fresh rosemary on top. Wrap the lamb in aluminium foil and place on the cool side of the grill, dumping and spreading coals on the other side. Place chips, and replenish hardwood charcoal and chips as needed. Cook until the center of the roast reaches 140 degrees. Let stand at least 15 minutes, then serve.


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