The Laughing Wolf is the punditry and editorial site of writer, photographer, and raconteur C. Blake Powers. It is independent in politics and covers topics including journalism, military, weapons, preparedness, space, science, cooking, food and wine, product reviews, and even spirituality.  For more information on him or any other topic, simply ask, or go bribe him with hits to the Bard’s Jar or with good ale at a bar, and you will probably get much more than you ever truly wanted to know.

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BIO:  Award-winning writer and photographer C. Blake Powers has more than 25 years experience in communications, including work in high technology and biomedical journalism, public relations, and marketing.  He is a 1978 graduate of Stratford Academy, where he also did a NSF summer studies program in energy and national policy.  He studied engineering, English, and psychology at Auburn University before completing his bachelor’s degree in journalism at Columbia College Chicago.  As part of his undergraduate studies he served a photographic internship at Playboy magazine and earned his private pilot’s license in 1980.  He earned his MS in Communications at the University of Tennessee in 1989, and earned a certificate in International Marketing and Management from UAH in 1991.  in addition, he has has undergone Air Force physiological training for high-altitude and specialized flight and holds military expert ratings with M-16 and issue pistol.  Most recently he was a Fellow at the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism for seminars on “U.S. Military:  New President, New Outlook?” and “Digital Life:  Policy & Privacy Online” and earned his Basic Emergency Management Certificate (MEMS) and completed the IGR Basic Ground Search and Rescue course.

While he worked in high school, his professional career began as an undergraduate working at WEGL and WAUD radio stations in Auburn, at at the Auburn Plainsman newspaper.  He did freelance work for a variety of outlets, which led to his becoming Correspondent-at-Large for SpaceWorld Magazine in 1983.  In 1985 he became Senior Science Writer for Schneider Services International in support of PAO operations at the U.S. Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center where he managed disaster preparedness planning, productivity analysis, office automation development, and edited the base technical magazine among other duties.  After earning his Master’s, he worked for Essex Corporation, where he was the project manager (publications) for for the First United States Microgravity Laboratory mission (USML-1), the Second United States Microgravity Laboratory mission (USML-2),  the Astro-2 mission, the Gamma Ray Observatory lesson from space (flight visual), Spacelab J mission, and the first Tethered Satellite System mission (TSS-1).  After a time doing freelance work, he was hired by CST, Inc. to be the Director of Outreach for NASA’s Space Product Development Program.  He then worked at Purdue doing marketing for the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.  While there, he took vacation to serve two embeds in Iraq in 2007/2008.  Most recently, he helped co-found and served until August 2012 as CEO for Cooking with the Troops, a 501(c)(3) charity that supports U.S. and Allied troops, families, and caregivers.  In addition to print and broadcast work for a variety of outlets worldwide, he is also the author of “The Soviet Watchers” (his Master’s thesis) and “A Different View:  Travels with Team Easy, Iraq 2007.”

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