Scotch Eggs

Originally posted 21 October 2004

Deep pot
Deep fryer or equivalent pan you would use to fry chicken or such
Deep bowl
3 medium bowls
Cutting board
Tongs or slotted spoon
Food service gloves

Dozen fresh eggs
5 lbs sausage mixture
1/4 cup plain flour
Pancko or plain bread crumbs
2 eggs
Other spices/options as desired

Hard boil a dozen eggs in the deep pot and allow to cool, heck get them very cool. Peel and dry the eggs, set aside. Fine chop 2-4 T parsley and 1-3 T chives. Place 2-3 packages of sausage into a deep bowl, then sprinkle herbs and any additional items (I put a pinch of cinnamon, 3 drops white truffle oil, and either smoked paprika or chipotle in at a minimum with store-bought sausage), then put remaining sausage over. Using gloves, mix well. Place flour in one medium bowl; whip the two eggs into an egg wash in another; and, place crumbs in remaining bowl. Bring oil up to temperature. Take a hardboiled egg, dust lightly with flour to be sure it is dry (do NOT get a thick coat of flour), and then coat it in .25- to .5-inch of sausage mixture all the way around. Dip in egg wash to coat, then dip in crumbs to coat. Deep fry the egg until golden brown. Those adamant against frying can bake, and with thicker sausage coats it is good to cook the eggs in an oven at 300 to ensure that the mixture is cooked through. To serve, cut long-ways into 1/4s and present with HP Sauce. Do not eat before visiting the doctor or getting a cholesterol screening.

Tips: I do about 4 eggs at a time (depends on fryer), and it can be a good idea to cool the sausage-coated eggs so that they retain shape better. A kinsman added sharp cheddar cheese to the mixture and it was quite tasty (would have been even better with some minced jalapeno in there). Remember to turn the eggs partway through cooking so as to cook evenly. Enjoy.

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