Have Camera, Will Travel.  Wire Palladin at this site.

Do you need someone who can travel almost anywhere in the world on short notice to get the photo, video, or information you need?  Someone who can find not only the big story, but the stories that lie behind?

Do you need a speaker who can motivate, entertain, or be a part of a panel?  One who has spoken to groups as small as elementary classes or as large as conference audiences?

Do you need a consultant who can help you find the right balance of communications options to take a company, project, or product to new heights, just as was done for NASA, academia, and private industry?  Or one who can help you make sense of the changes in communications underway and the new options they provide?

Do you need a consultant who can help you with emergency preparedness planning, emergency operations, or security issues?  Someone who has proven experience to go with international publication in the field?

Do you need a consultant to help you find the right partners, particularly in the VSO and charity worlds?  Someone who knows the experts in communications, the leaders in industry from space to medicine, and the people who are truly doing the work to help our troops and veterans?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out our service pages and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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