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A business is made or broken on its ability to reach potential customers, and retain existing ones.  An existing company can find itself stagnating because its news is not reaching the right target audiences at the right time; or, worse, it can find itself in a crisis situation where communications are the key to survival and growth.

C. Blake Powers offers a proven track record of effective and efficient plans to meet the target goals of organizations ranging from divisions of NASA to academic powerhouses such as the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue.  He has consulted with companies and charities on a variety of marketing and public relations topics, and helped them achieve the best possible results.

He not only makes use of contacts in, and experience with, traditional media outlets, but also within emerging media.  The field of communications is changing rapidly, with economic models that have carried traditional media literally for centuries now foundering.  Changes in technology make it easy for people to communicate in ways and in quantities never before seen. Mobile phones, PDAs, and similar devices are not only allowing unprecedented reach between individuals, but groups as well. When the audio and video capabilities are combined with net features and access, the integrated multimedia products have literal world-wide reach.

Just as important as the changes in technology are the changes in social mores. Via mobiles and social networking sites, people are sharing a variety of interesting — and even disturbing — information with friends, groups, and larger populations. Things that once were intensely private are now shared openly with increasingly larger groups. Instead of just telling one or two people about an experience of the day, individuals can now share that event in real time with a considerable audience.

While many of the societal changes this will induce can’t even be guessed at this point, two things are very clear. First, the way information is spread has changed on a fundamental level. Gone are the days of giving information to just a limited media pool. Second, interactions — both good and ill — are going to be shared in or near real-time. What was once a minor customer interaction can now easily be a major corporate issue in a matter of moments.

You no longer have months, or even weeks, to respond to changes and crisis but literally minutes.  C. Blake Powers can help you find the right solutions for your communication needs, from plans to introductions to the companies and individuals who can translate plans into polished reality.

Don’t take his word for it, here is what others are saying about him and his work:

• “Blake provided excellent support to the NASA Space Product Development Program as our Director of Outreach. Since the Program Office had just formed, Blake had to develop from scratch an outreach effort that coordinated the unique messages from numerous and diverse Commercial Space Centers, involving complex science and technology accomplishments. This effort resulted in increased industrial participation in, as well as increased public awareness of our Program. I would recommend Blake to clients and employers alike.Mark Nall, SPD Project Manager, NASA.

• “Blake is a guy who gets the concepts inherent in the Cluetrain Manifesto and the Web 2.0 world – and knows how to translate them into a smart plan for action. If you work with him, let him think, and give him room and some resources to make things happen, he’ll bring you real results.Joe Katzman, Founder , Winds of Change

• “I have worked with Blake over the last 3 years at Purdue and his dedication to the details of his work are above and beyond most Project Editors I have worked with. He constantly looks for new ways to expand marketing ideas for the biomedical program at Purdue and takes the lead to ensure that projects go as planned and achieve the desired goal. His focus and determination make it very easy to work with him on the projects we have shared.Martin Sickafoose, Director of Digital Marketing, Purdue University.

• “You can always count on Blake to do exactly what it is he said he would do. He will give you a contract or MOU, but you don’t need it. If he says he will do something he will. He will roll up his sleeves and get the job done.Ray Briscuso , AdvaMed

• “Blake has considerable experience and knowledge of trade show marketing, having designed effective displays for NASA and for the Weldon School of BioMedical Engineering. He is great to work with and has created a display for the BME that is the envy of private companies. I know that for a fact, as companies have contacted me after seeing Blake’s display.” Jane Thompson, Thompson/Kerr Displays

• “Blake really understood Space Product Development and his role in the program. He is very easy to work with because of his depth of knowledge and he is exceptionally positive and supportive of others when things got tough. I’d work with him again in a minute!!Kathryn Clark , VP for Training , ActivCore

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