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From natural disasters to terrorism, it seems many days as if the world has gone mad and is a far more dangerous place than it truly is.  Yet, threats do exist and smart businesses and organizations have found that planning for the worst is a sound investment that saves time, money, and lives.

Many companies are daunted by the seemingly infinite number of disasters that can happen, never realizing that there are only five basic types of damage that can occur.  Others think that a disaster, natural or communications-related, can never happen to them.

It can and does happen, and C. Blake Powers can put proven experience in threat evaluation, disaster preparedness planning, emergency operations (general and communications), and recovery to work for you.

His background includes commendations for his role in responding the the J-5 incident at the U.S. Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center and involvement with recovery operations; crisis communications experience with various Spacelab missions; organizational response to disaster; and, in developing effective and efficient plans for a variety of organizations.  In addition to this real-world experience, he has also earned Basic Military Emergency Management System (MEMS) certification and taken a variety of FEMA courses as part of that curriculum.  In addition, Powers has contacts within the security and training world that allow him to not only bring in the right people to help with analysis and planning as needed, but to also ensure appropriate training and team-building exercises are available to all levels of an organization.

Preparing For The Worst

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Whether you want to plan for the worst, or respond to a sudden communications emergency, put proven experience to work for you.

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