Do you need someone who can travel almost anywhere in the world, on fairly short notice, to get the photos, video, or information you need?

Do you need an award-winning writer and editor who can expertly cover a range of topics, from science and medicine to national security, in an engaging and understandable manner?  A photographer who has captured breathtaking images ranging from wolves to space shuttles, and who served a photographic internship at Playboy?

Do you need someone who can write for a variety of audiences in an entertaining and informative manner?

If so, then C. Blake Powers can do for you as he has done for publications and outlets around the world.  From Discover Online to the Chicago Sun-Times, Blake has provided content that captures the story and makes it come alive to audiences.  He has the gear, the passport, and the inoculations that literally let him travel almost anywhere in the world to get what is needed for the job.

You can see examples of his photography in the Gallery section, with wolves, food, Iraq, and favorites listed.

A few examples of his work include:

Solar Mirrors

Rx From Space

Taking Electronics To A New Dimension

And links to online work include:

Night Raid in Baghdad
Someone You Should Meet:  Sgt. Andreas
Tipping of West Rashid series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Christmas Eve:  Baghdad 2007
A True Gift of the Season

And some videos that came out:
What does a Cache Look Like?
Arab Jabour:  An Introduction
Sgt. Giles
Operation Puppy Love, Arrival
Preparing for a CNN Interview

Here is some of what others are saying about him and his work:

•”Blake is an excellent author, a dedicated researcher and administrator, and a fine humanitarian as well. He works hard at all that he attempts, and he succeeds where most other men would fail.Mike Hanley, Project Engineer at Mustang Engineering.

• “Blake Powers is a great story teller and writer. HIs writing covers many areas and I’ve always found him to be fair and professional. In person, he is great, always seems to be in the middle of something interesting going on – a good listener as well as a good talker. The kind of person we love to feature and to associate with at NewsBlaze.Alan Gray, NewsBlaze CEO.

• “Blake was a very attentive and earnest intern during his time at Playboy. Always asking questions and taking notes, he was the the epitamy of a man willing to learn and retain what he learned. I can only assume Blake has carried this over into his adult years and his work ethic currently. I feel he will continue to grow too since I’m sure he’s not changed his style of learning and working.David Mecey, Founder of David Mecey’s FotoFantasyCamp®

Want more?  Check out his profile at LinkedIn

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