If you care to help fund the site, the travels/embeds, and more, then it is easy to do.  You can purchase things through the Amazon links here; you can buy things off the Amazon wish list below; and, you can donate using credit cards, PayPal and more through the link below.  If you want to have your company or organization be a sponsor, see below.  If you absolutely want to send a check, drop me a line at blake at the ubiquitous and other stuff to delete blakepowers more delete stuff here .net.  Any and all help is very much appreciated!


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Yes, your company or organization can be a sponsor of embeds and other activities.  The rates will vary on what you want to sponsor, and how long the sponsorship will last.  Drop a line and we will get back to you, meantime, just check out some of the videos already done (in addition to posts) and see what has been done for other sponsors.

The recent hacking that has resulted in the new site also means that a lot of data has been lost.   So far in January 2013, this site has had more than 1,800 unique visitors, more than 3,500 visits, and more than 18,000 hits.  More and better data as it becomes available.

However, sponsors don’t just get play here, if you sponsor embeds and related, you also are part of posts at Blackfive, the most read and influential milblog in the world.  There, you reach an audience with some key demographics (80% male, 77% are 24- to 54-years-old, 40% postgraduate degree/work, 74% own a home, 60% income above $75,000.00, 81% employed full-time, 45% work in companies with 2,000 or more employees, 10% own or are considering buying a hybrid car, 9% are CEO/COO and C-level executives) and a site with more than 25 million visits and more than 38 million page views.  We are also happy to help you with advertising there as well.

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