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Some More Scenes Around Montmartre and Paris

Girl1Ah, the sights one sees while sitting waiting for lunch…

Knob1Something about this just spoke to me as I walked past.

Crow1An evening view out the hotel room, with two crows and a pigeon.

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A Morning In Montmartre


Fresh fruit arrives

While in Paris, I tried to get some sunrise shots up at Sacre Coeur but clouds frustrated that.  Instead, I ended up drinking coffee at a couple of places nearby, and getting a bit of breakfast at one, while recording the early morning life up near the top.  To be honest, I had left the area a bit down, put off by the players and hipsterdouches of the area, but in working the photos I see now why I was drawn there, and would go back.


Cleaning Up


Looking out for business


Early construction work near Sacre Coeur

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A Different View of a Different View

Yesterday, I posted a photo and asked you to comment on it.  We are discussing it at the Facebook page, and I wanted to share here slightly different version of the same photo:

A cropped version of the marquee of the Strand

A slightly different version

In a traditional view, there is no denying that this is the better photo. The lines are clean, it is self-contained, there are no distractions, and the composition is technically very correct.

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A Different View Of The Strand

Continuing the theme, I posted the shot below on my Facebook page, and got some feedback pretty quickly on it.  For now, I want to simply post this, and let you look at it and think about it a bit.

A view of the Strand marquee

A view of the Strand marquee

What do you think? Discussion tomorrow.