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Some More Scenes Around Montmartre and Paris

Girl1Ah, the sights one sees while sitting waiting for lunch…

Knob1Something about this just spoke to me as I walked past.

Crow1An evening view out the hotel room, with two crows and a pigeon.

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A Morning In Montmartre


Fresh fruit arrives

While in Paris, I tried to get some sunrise shots up at Sacre Coeur but clouds frustrated that.  Instead, I ended up drinking coffee at a couple of places nearby, and getting a bit of breakfast at one, while recording the early morning life up near the top.  To be honest, I had left the area a bit down, put off by the players and hipsterdouches of the area, but in working the photos I see now why I was drawn there, and would go back.


Cleaning Up


Looking out for business


Early construction work near Sacre Coeur

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A Different View of a Different View

Yesterday, I posted a photo and asked you to comment on it.  We are discussing it at the Facebook page, and I wanted to share here slightly different version of the same photo:

A cropped version of the marquee of the Strand

A slightly different version

In a traditional view, there is no denying that this is the better photo. The lines are clean, it is self-contained, there are no distractions, and the composition is technically very correct.

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Changing Things Up

Thanks to some friends, I’ve been challenged creatively about photograpy and writing.  The photographic side is two-fold (at a minimum) and is long overdue.  To truly excel, to grow and advance, we need to be pushed beyond our comfort zone.  For me, one of the comfort zones has been certain set-ups on the camera, that have worked well for me.  Trick is, I need to step outside them to grow.  So, that’s what we are trying to make happen, and my friends are challenging me to push further and faster.  The results, though, are well worth any discomfort:

A different view of the Strand on the square in Marietta, GA

A different view of the Strand on the square in Marietta, GA

The software that was recommended is amazing, and will make life much easier.  It really is like being in a darkroom again, and while not yet intuitive, it is close and powerful.  Lots of neat tools that will let me rapidly edit and catalog photos.