Tuna Glop (modified)

Originally published 12 November 2004

Okay, it’s late, you are in a hurry, or just a broke student like I was the first time I made this. Here is a quick and dirty dish with just a little extra oomph, for not much dough.

Cutting Board

1 package store bought mac & cheese
1 can/package tuna
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Real cheese, sharp, medium, Colby, whatever
Salsa Brava or hot sauce of your choice
1 package instant onion soup mix

Make mac & cheese to directions. Add in real cheese, soup, tuna, and onion soup mix. Add in Salsa Brava or hot sauce to taste (I find a tablespoon or more helps). Enjoy.

OPTION: I used to add English peas to this, and it was quite good. You can use canned (small) English, lima/butterbeans, or other such and add veggie goodness as well as some colour and texture. Add at the start of boiling the mac if using fresh.

UPDATE:  I do add the peas, fresh cooked if possible.  I also add Salsa Brava or other hot sauce, along with chipotle and other spice to it.  Spice it up!

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