What I Want For Christmas

Is a good embed.  What makes a good embed you ask?  Well, for me, it is an embed that doesn’t last a week, or even two, but can run for several months.  It is one where the time is there not only for me to learn what is going on and the people involved, but for them to learn me as well.  You see, when that happens, it is no longer a case of my telling the story, but of the individuals involved telling their story, and through those individual stories the larger story is told as well.  As that takes place, the important details are covered too, and the result is a great series of stories that showcase the individuals, their unit, and the accomplishments of that team.  And, to put the bow on top, it is an embed that takes advantage of the fact that I already have ITOs and will work with me so that I can get over there now.  I really had planned on being in the AOR months ago, and had hoped and planned to spend Christmas there.  So, sooner is much better than later.

I’ve gotten to do a little of this before, and some of the stories that came out are:

Night Raid in Baghdad
Someone You Should Meet:  Sgt. Andreas
Tipping of West Rashid series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Christmas Eve:  Baghdad 2007
A True Gift of the Season

And some videos that came out:
What does a Cache Look Like?
Arab Jabour:  An Introduction
Sgt. Giles
Operation Puppy Love, Arrival
Preparing for a CNN Interview

And, of course, there is the book:
Print Version

Here also are some of the links related to my current efforts to obtain an embed:
The post that started it all:  Anyone Want An Embed?
Preparing For An Embed, Part 1
Preparing For An Embed, Part 2
Preparing for an Embed:  Getting Started
Preparing for an Embed:  Gear
Preparing for an Embed:  Insurance
A Question For Those In The AOR (because if I embed with a unit, I do plan to make sure they are taken care of)
Helmet Cam Test
Embed Update

Related Gear Geek Posts:
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So, what I want from Santa is a good embed.  One that will let me be as much a part of the team as possible, and will allow me to let that team tell their individual stories in such a way that we tell the larger story, and tell it well.


PS:  For any elves out there, if you care to be really nice, hit the upper right column and The Bard’s Jar.  That donate button from PayPal seems to take about anything, and all help is much appreciated right now!

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